I2C Confusion

Hi all,

Could anyone Kindly tell me if I need to use an additional I2C module with this display?


I’ve read the data sheet but I’m confused as to if the display has on board I2C hardware or if it needs an interface module.

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It literally says it has an interface with it and gives the pixel addresses in the datasheet.

Ok, thank you.

I obviously don't understand what the data sheet is telling me.

If you read the datasheet, it has the I2C pins SDA and SCL on pins 13 and 14.

Under that it has the schematic showing and example with it connected to an MCU/MPU.
You can see the block in the unit called "controller/driver". That is the I2C converter for the display.

Under that, there is a table showing the addresses of each character position on the screen.

Under that, you have a "character map" that shows the values you send for each different character.

For example, the 4th character on the top like = address 03
And then if you want a "A" there, it is LHLL LLLH = 01000001