i2c connection with DTM-3200 (ASI to IP Converter)

Hello everyone,

Im trying without any success to send/get data from DTM-3200. It have i2c connection to configure the hardware, so I want to install some buttons and a LCD to configure.
The problem is:
To send/get data, I need to access a register and a sub register like the attachment.

Manual link:

First, you have to specify, which register you want to read from by


where SLAVE is the slave i2c address and REGISTER is the register (e.g. 0x01 for FPGA version).
(note, that you have to init i2c via Wire.begin() first!)

After you selected the register, you can request the data with

Wire.requestFrom(SLAVE, numOfBytes);

where SLAVE is the i2c address again and numOfBytes is the number of bytes, you want to read. For example, to read the FPGA version, numOfBytes would be 1, for the firmware version it would be 4. If you request more bytes than the register has, the i2c device will return the following registers as well, e. g., if you request 2 bytes from register 0x01, you will also get the hardware version.

You need to read the bytes after requesting them via

if(Wire.available() >= numOfBytes)
   for(int i = 0; i < numOfBytes; i++)
      byte b = Wire.receive();

Let me see if I understand this, cuz it didnt worked…

This is the logic? (attachment)


I thought was some like registers and sub registers, like a tree of registers…