I2C device that answers to multiple addresses

Hi! I hope someone can help me because I have a problem that confuses me.

I got two identical sensors on my arduino UNO, one has the Standard address 0x78 and the other one I ordered with an alternative address 0x79.

I use WIRE to communicate with them. The confusing thing is that the first sensor seems to response only to 0x78, but the second one always sends his data. No matter if I want to communicate to 0x78 or 0x79. (But only these two)

I can't find any information on I2C devices with two or more addresses. Can it be possible that there are two addresses implemented in one sensor or is there another failure possible with the same result?

It sounds like the sensor with 0x079 address is defective.

Run an I2C scanner sketch with each device separately and see what the scanner finds. My guess is that the one that's supposed to be 0x79 is actually 0x78. If it is indeed 0x79, then post your code (in code tags).


Is there some reason why you have not revealed exactly what type of sensors you are using?