I2C devices Conflict

Hi, i have two devices conected to i2c port, one rtc at address 0x68 and Dormant Labs PH Module V2 at address 0x4d. and PH module interfer in NTC.

What's the question? The I2C devices are on different addresses and I don't know what this means:

juniorbaran: and PH module interfer in NTC.

What's "NTC"?

Did you run the I2C scanner to verify the addresses are different?

Hi, welcome to the forum.

This is the mini PH : https://www.sparkyswidgets.com/product/miniph/

This is the Dormant Labs PH : http://www.tindie.com/products/rezahussain/dormant-labs-ph-module-v2/

They both use I2C address 0x4D. It means you can not connect both to the same I2C bus.

I read that the mini PH uses the MCP3221. That chip is "addressable", but according to the datasheet you have to ask the manufacturer to do that for you... ?

I don't know which chip the Dormant Labs PH sensor uses. Perhaps it can be set to a different I2C address, perhaps not. You can ask that question to the maker.

If you really want to use both, it is possible to use a I2C mux. There a special chips for that, but you can also make one with a simple mux.

Jeez Peter, how did you deduce there were two pH meters there? He says 2x I2C devices, one 1x RTC and 1x pH meter, which clearly don't have a conflict so yep there must be a 3rd device.

Your investigative reading between the lines skills are clearly better than mine.

I got a feeling that juniorbaran is testing PH sensors, so I searched for I2C PH sensors and found those two :D

You probably read this http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=285184.msg1998464#msg1998464. I just follow my intuition. That is how I also look at code to find a bug 8)

By the way, that Dormant Labs PH Module V2 is galvanic isolated from the Arduino and only 20 dollars. Very cool.