I2c Display RC1602B5-LLH-JWV

Hi everyone,

I buy a RayStar (RC1602B5-LLH-JWV) 2x16 LCD with I2c controller incuded (http://www.tme.eu/ro/Document/7eb6a53745bf999e73e8b730821a4073/RC1602B5-LLH-JWV.pdf).

Everything I try to see at least one character on was in van.

6-7 tipe of <…i2c.h> from diferent place, send a tone of data using <wire.h>… Anyone can help me to drive this LCD?



So, this is a totally different interface to those commonly used with the Arduino.

From where are you getting the special I2C library to operate it?

Try looking at this thread: --> http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=229027.msg1653958#msg1653958

I quickly found this with a Google search for RC1602B5-LLH-JWV.