Hi Everyonr,

I just got my package of Atmel AT17LV010-10PU i2C EEPROM chips... Ony problem is I don't quite know how to get them working...I've had experience with i2C before, but I just haven't had any luck with these microcontrollers... Can someone please shed some light on this? Any help is greatly appreciated

Thanks in Advance, Mr_E

I don’t think that is an I2C EEPROM - the datasheet doesn’t mention its I2C address.
The datasheet says “In-System Programmable (ISP) via Two-Wire Bus” which isn’t the same thing as I2C and it also describes the chips as “Serial Memories Designed to Store Configuration Programs for Field Programmable Gate Arrays” which suggests it is more of a special purpose type of chip rather than a generic I2C EEPROM.


So how would I approach this? Is there any way?

Thanks! Mr_E

There might be a way to do it but the datasheet does not describe the protocol. It implies that whatever protocol is used is a standard one used by FPGAs when they load their configuration from the EEPROM. You'll have to try to dig up info via google/wikipedia etc.


Thanks...I already tried that but it yielded very few results.... I might just go ahead and get a dedicated i2c EEPROM chip, but I already got four of these so I wanted to put them to use...Thanks