I2C Encoder V2 on Kickstarter!


I have created a small project that made possible to use multiple rotary encoder by connecting them on the I2C bus. In this way you can control as many encoders as you want, with the 2 I2C pins plus one optional interrupt pin.

The project is called I2C Encoder and it's already at the second version.

Here a short description of the features:

  • The I2C Encoder V2 supports both standard rotary encoder and the illuminated RGB encoder, with also the push switch.
  • It's possible to configure all the 7 bit of the I2C address.
  • There are also 3 configurable GPIOs that are organized with the same footprint of RGB LED. You can use them as PWM, I/O or ADC.
  • The board is 25x25mm and have 5 castellated holes on each side.
  • It has also 256bytes of EEPROM.

Here a short explanatory video: https://youtu.be/G4dPCxn9DbI We are running a Kickstarter campaign on the I2C Encoder V2 in order to sustain the production! This project is open source, at the end of the campaign we will release both HW and FW part of the project on GitHub Thanks a lot!

Some baker asked to add an auto-fading feature on the LEDs. And here we are!