i2c hello world

I'm trying to do blink over i2c per this page: http://jason.pepas.com/wiki/index.php?title=BlinkMeetsI2C

I've wired everything up, and got my two Arduinos powered up but my slave i2c Arduino never blinks. I have my Arduinos hooked up like this but it's still not working. Did I wire something up wrong? Basically pins 4 and 5 on each are tied together with a pull up resistor. Pretty simple I'd think.

I2C is on the ANALOGUE pins 4 & 5

what program do you use to print that picture?

Grumpy_Mike: I2C is on the ANALOGUE pins 4 & 5

why are in this pins (4 and 5)?

why are in this pins (4 and 5)?

No idea what these words mean.

The I2C lines use the analogue pins 4 & 5. Your diagram shows you using the digital pins 4 & 5. That is why you can't get it to work.

Oh man... I knew it was something really simple/obvious. Thanks Grumpy_Mike!!!

twychopen the program I used to make this diagram is called fritzing it's free/open source.