I2C inputs versus Analog inputs

Hi all.

I am starting learn C and the Arduino. I have an Arduino Duemilanove and I want to make a small project were I need all the 6 analog inputs as well as I2C lines SLA and SDA, but, these outputs occupy the 2 ADC lines (ADC4 and ADC5).

Is there any way to overcome the problem?

Thanks in advance. Regards, Manuel Silva

You could use an external analogue mux - have a look around the playground.

This project uses analogue multiplexers, perhaps more than you need. http://www.thebox.myzen.co.uk/Hardware/MIDI_Footsteps.html

As the I2C function is helped by hardware it is easer to move the analogue inputs than the I2C functionality. You could however move it using bit banging drivers but there is little point.

Hello all.

Grumpy_Mike, thanks for your help. regards, Manuel Silva