i2c LCD AND tempsensor MLX90614


i got a big problem.

im building a ir tyre temperatur sensor for motorbicycles.

my goal is to have 6 sensors simultaneous displayed on a 16x2 lcd display and i wanna log all data on sd.

so far i got the 6 mlx90614 ir sensors working fine using the i2cmaster library.

but heres my problem. to display all the values i wanna use a lcd i2c shield.

its working without the sensors because i can use the wire and liquidcrystal_i2c library.

but im not able to use the lcd with i2cmaster.h.

i saw that the only one using wire lib in the liquidcrystal_i2c lib is i2cio. is it possible to change just

some values in there to use the i2cmaster?

sorry for my bad english, thanks for your help