I2C LCD/KEYPAD from Modtronix

Has anyone managed to get the Modtronix LCD2S (LCD/keypad module) to work using I2C?

I can write text to the display OK, however reading a key press is a different story. I would appreciate any sample code that maybe out there, that may provide a hint on how to read key presses. The pdf datasheet for the device is not that helpful.


I can't help you with your specific problem but I can give you some general tips.

There is no need to post your problem in more than one forum thread. Someone may spend a lot of time answering your question in one thread and then find that it has already been answered in another.

You should post your code, then someone may be able to point out a specific part that you are doing incorrectly

You should post a link to the pdf document that you are having trouble interpreting.