i2c lcd + keypad

Hi. I got an Arduino UNO and in order to save I/O for my project, I decide to buy this "http://www.ebay.com/itm/I2C-Serial-LCD-controller-keypad-control-Arduino-/230748741705?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35b9b26049#ht_851wt_932" To connect on this my 20x4 LCD and my 4x4 keypad and drive them via i2c protocol. Have anyone use this board? is compatible with UNO? does it has updated library? From http://www.web4robot.com/ I found a library, but i also found lot of comments that is not Uno compatible and that is outdated and such. Please suggest me a solution...

Maybe you should point to an exact link on Web4Ronot -- people might spend more time on this.

Sorry! here is the library i got from http://www.web4robot.com/files/LCDI2Cw.zip

Ok If I was doing this I would say:

Here is the LCD display: http://www.web4robot.com/LCDCtrl.html

Here is the link to the manual http://www.web4robot.com/files/SerialLCDCtr.pdf Here is the library: http://www.web4robot.com/files/LCDI2Cw.zip

And even this and point out that UNO R2 for example is a 5V board (it says) so is directly compatible... http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardUno

Now all I need is someone to wire it up and write my code. Can somebody do that for me? That was sarcasm btw...

You have the manual, a library of sample programs written in the Latest Compiler Version (1), the hardware and a bit of wire right?

Why not hook it up and try it?

Now I will admit that you have to open the ZIP file and look at the code to find out the VCC (VDD?) is 5V to the card. But at least some Arduinos have 5V.

Now maybe you should use a 3.3 v Level changer as well for the signal (I2C) if that is required -- but you can look at Sparkfun for that.) ...and it is NOT needed it seems.

Did you tell us the Model and revision of your Arduino? You could help yourself that way too...

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