I2C Lcd wont work


I just cant get my new lcd to work, all i get is the initial first row of black boxes!

its an adafruit 16x2 with adafruit I2C SPI backpack on UNO board, 1.06 IDE

have tried 5 different libraries and their Hello World examples but its either error when compiling or compiling fine, but nothing happens!

anyone with ideas?

We need a bit more information before we can even think about a solution.

You can get some ideas by reading through this forum thread: How to use this forum - please read..


Well im sorry but i dont know what else to tell you!

What i need is general advice for problem solving..

It got power, the IDE can detect a connection with the I2C backpack and i cant belive that all arduino examples are faulty!?

What i need is general advice for problem solving…

You have a problem with an I2C LCD so you should search the appropriate forum section (this one) and see if you can find any other threads dealing with a similar situation.

Right now there are over 33000 posts on over 4000 topics in this ‘Displays’ section. From personal experience I can assure you that there are dozens dealing with I2C LCD adapters in just the past few months.

. . . i cant belive that all arduino examples are faulty!?

Many (most?) of the Arduino examples are far from ideal but I don’t believe any of them are faulty. Due to the nature of how the I2C adapters work it is just not possible to come up with a library or an an example program that will work ‘out of the box’ with all adapters. There is a certain amount of preliminary work that you must do first to establish the parameters that will enable your particular adapter to function properly with the library that you have chosen to use.

Take a look at the explanation(s) by bperrybap in this thread: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=282140.msg1982419#msg1982419