i2c long distance for 50 arduino

good morning
i am new in i2c network
i want to set 50 arduino in the same netowrk i2c but i see that i can find problem in distance
i have
90m salve to the other slave
90m from the final slave to the master
so i have a 100 m maximum distance from the slave to the master
is it correct to set all arduino to the SCL and SDA normally or we can find a problem ?

Do you know what I2C stands for? Have you ever seen a 100 meter circuit board?

what is the solution so to network the 50 arduino ??

I2C won't work. One option is RS485 serial, up to hundreds of meters.

can you explain more please ?

any body ?

can you explain more please ?

Have you done any research on RS485? Googled RS485 and Arduino?

any body ?

Patience, grasshopper. Don't bump threads after an hour. YOU are the one with the project. YOU need to do the research.

i do it but i have already the install wire i have 2 wire so i need the i2c technology for this time !

I2C will not work, but you are welcome to try.

I2C will not work, but you are welcome to try.

can i use an ampli ??