I2C noise on LC Technology PT2314

Hi, has anyone else experienced I2C noise breakthrough onto the audio ?

I'm using it in an Arduino Nano controlled MP3 player project, and the noise is apparent when I fade up and down the channels.

Supply to the PT2314 is 9.0V, with 470uF smoothing and 100nF decoupling directly on the Vcc & GND pins. The same 9V supply feeds the Nano VIN, which also has

The I2C has 10K pullups to +5V on SCL and SDA

The I2C PCB tracks go nowhere near the audio circuitry (at least not on my PCB).

This is the third time I have used the LC Technology PT2314 module, all on the same PCB, and it is the first time I have noticed it, so thinking it might just be a "bad" module. Based on potential replies, I may just change it for another, and see if the problem goes away.

Any thoughts ??

Well I bit the bullet and swapped out the module..... no more I2C noise !

I'll be returning the bad one to the supplier, I think.