I2C number of character transmissibility

Hi People !

I have a question about the number of character transmissiblity in a I2C transmission. I use “Wire library” and communicate between two Arduinos Mega.
When I send more than 32 characters (from char), i receive ÿÿ characters after my message. I think is not a variable problem because when i print my chart all my characters are present.
I publish picture of my program.

Thanks for your help ! :slight_smile:

Forum Image 2.jpg

I believe the library only sends 32 characters at a time. Has been discussed in the forum in the past.

Basically it is a buffer size problem. Other libraries exist to get over this problem I use the Master libiary for this which claimed to be able to send 256 bytes. In fact it could only send 255 bytes and I had to modify it myself to acheave the 256 I was after.