I2C OLED display, changing addressing modes problem

This isn't really Arduino related, since I'm using a different uC. But there are people on here who have experience with these little OLED displays, so...

I'm using a 128x32 OLED. Works fine. Been using a 5x7 font.
I decided to work towards displaying a larger font (about 10x16).

In 5x7 font, I have:
"Time:" on page (line) 0, column 0.
And I have the current time on page 2, column 0. Every second the time gets updated.
This is all in page addressing mode.

Then, out at column 80, which is well past the other stuff, I'm displaying a single digit in "large font". This is using vertical addressing mode.

Everything is fine if I put this large digit on page 1 to page 2. But if I put the digit on page 0 to page 1, the "Time:" gets overwritten with the current time. And both lines are a little screwed up. And, yes, I'm setting the addressing mode back to "page" after writing the large digit.

It seems to be unique to page 0?

I've attached pictures. Ignore how garbled the large digit is; I didn't create the large font yet so it's just the data for a small digit repeated four times.





Please post a link to the actual 128x32 that you have bought.
Please quote which library name you are using if available through IDE Library Manager.

If using a custom library please post a link to the GitHub page.
Likewise if you are using home grown code.

And obviously paste a sketch that illustrates your problem.

128x32 have been available forever.
64x32 and 80x32 are recent. Memory might be arranged differently.

You have been a member for some years. You should be familiar with the best way to pose questions. And the best way to get accurate replies.


You obviously didn't read my post. You have been here for years and should know better.

Anyway, I found the issue. I tested the 128x64 display and it doesn't exhibit this problem. Turns out to be an undocumented quirk with the 128x32 display when using page addressing mode with horizontal or vertical addressing mode.