I2C OLED display

Hi. I have bought a cheap OLED of ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/250986036479?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649#ht_3188wt_1399

I have tried with a nano 3.0 and a mega1280

The code i found herer http://www.wide.hk/products.php?product=I2C-0.96%22-OLED-display-module-(-compatible-Arduino-)

Now I have tried a couple of different codes and looked through the wire library. But i just can't get this display to show anything at all! I have connected 5V to VCC GND to GND and the SDA and SCL pins. On the Nano it is A4 and A5 and on the mega it is digital 20 and 21.

I just can't see what should be wrong. I bought two of them and neither of them works.

Anyone have a suggestion??

Regards Nic :)

Have you succeed getting it to work? I am experiencing the same problem with the same device.

Thank you.

I got them to work. One of them had a small defect and the other worked fine after some searching for solutions and thinking of my own!

First of all you have to connect 5V and GND or 3.3V (one of my OLED’s had a defect regulator and did not work with 5V, but only with 3.3V on the 3.3V pin of course)
Use the right pins on the arduino:
The i scanned for the OLED’s adress with the attached I2C_scanner i found on the net.
I then found a sample code for the OLED, which is also attached here, and it worked like a charm!

Tell me if you get it to work!

Regards Nic

I2C_scanner.ino (1.49 KB)

ZTSCI2CM1.ino (4.73 KB)

Thank you very much!!! Mine worked like a charm as well!!


Hi, which library are you using to let the oled work? is it possible to choose the color for each line/each character?

And which chip is that display using? Have you a link to the datasheet?

I've been using 128x128 colour OLEDs with the SSD1351 chip (SPI or parallel, no I2C) and love OLED displays, such black blacks...

I have attached the code I use in an earlier post... It uses the wire.h library to communicate with the oled through I2C.

It is not possible to choose other colors, it's not an colour oled.

I don't remember what chip it was using, and I have no datasheet for it. You could try contacting the seller from the ebay link in the first post if you wan't to know what chip they are using.

Regards Nic