i2C OLED on HM-10 BLE

Hey all I am thinking about making an OLED HM-10 module and was wondering if anyone has done this before? I can’t really find anything googling “hm-10 OLED i2C”.

I know the hm-10 has i2C which is pin 2(SCL) and pin 3(SDA). Here are the rest of the pinouts (https://github.com/nickswalker/ble-dev-kit/wiki/HM-10-Pinout).

Can I use the Adafruit arduino code ( Arduino Library & Examples | Monochrome OLED Breakouts | Adafruit Learning System) that they have on the hm-10? I won’t be hooking up the hm-10 to an arduino it will just be a stand alone thing. I will be using the arduino ide however.

So if anyone could help me out with this then that would be great!

It sounds like utter nonsense. I was not aware that the HM-10 has I2C, but all that would do is serve as an alternative means of communicating with Arduino, instead of the usual serial. If the small size of the OLED is what is tempting you for some trinket, putting a 3.3v Pro Mini between it and the HM-10 could be a reasonable option, and it can actually be programmed with the Arduino IDE.

The HM-10 uses an BLE which has I2C, but if its available at the module connections is another question.

Tom.... :slight_smile: