I2C - One Arduino instead of four slaves?

Hi! Thanks to "wire" library i can use Arduino as a slave, but is it possible to be four (or at least two) slaves at the same time? I have 4 slaves on i2c bus and want to emulate them using an Arduino.


it is not possible because the underling hardware is shared. i've heard about a "software Wire"...

You could use an LPC processor, they can recognise 4 addresses. But on the AVR I think you are out of luck.

However depending on the addresses you may be able to play with the TWAMR register, in fact if you load that register with 0xFE it should recognize all addresses I think. Then you may be able to check the address of a received frame.

Just guessing here, I haven't done it and if there are other devices on the bus that could be a problem.