I2C - Problem with onRequest, onReceive


I've problem with IDE 1.5.2 and Arduinu DUE.

My program size: 304,492 bytes Free RAM: cca 70kB [ not 100% ] - used some code to get this number

Problems started after I've added Wire1 as I2C Slave and using : - onRequest - onReceive

The same problem with Wire and Wire1.

Since that program freezes at the same location - not in I2C callback [ I think ] but while drawing to TFT display.

I'm thinking about some Stack issue but can't [ don't know how ] investigate it more.

Wire1.begin(NET_MODULE_WIRE_ADDRESS); Wire1.onRequest(onRequestHandler); Wire1.onReceive(onReceiveHandler);

void onRequestHandler(void) { byte val ; switch (cmd_received) { //je queue prazdna ? case CMD_QUEUE_EMPTY:

Wire1.write(RQX_HEADER); Wire1.write(queue[0].empty);



//receive command from network arduino UNO void onReceiveHandler(int howMany ) {

if(Wire1.available()) { cmd_received = Wire1.read(); }