I2c Problems with Nano 33 BLE

Hey all. I’ve been working on a project that uses I2c protocol. I originally have been using the Uno Rev3 but switched to the Nano 33 BLE for more RAM and a smaller size. My code compiles when I have the board set to the Uno, but now that I have it on the 33 BLE it says “'I2c was not declared in this scope” at the first instance I try to use a function from the library.

I am using the I2c master library and not the wire library (located here: https://github.com/rambo/I2C)

I tried stripping my code to the absolute bare bones (below), but still receive the same error.

#include <I2C.h>

void setup() {

void loop() {

Any advice would be greatly appreciated it. Thank you!

The official I2c library on the Arduino is the wire library, try that

The I2C library uses direct register calls for the AVR chip and won’t work on the Nordic chip in the BLE, the wire library dose work,