I2C Project Help

Hi I'm new with arduino so please be gentle (with my english also) My project is to control (individual) 300 of [http://www.leds.de/en/LED-strips-modules-oxid-oxid-oxid/High-power-LED-strips/LED-SmartArray-6x-Nichia-LED-10W-coldwhite.html]this[/http://www.leds.de/en/LED-strips-modules-oxid-oxid-oxid/High-power-LED-strips/LED-SmartArray-6x-Nichia-LED-10W-coldwhite.html] 6.5W LED mini strips spreaded over 300meters. So far I thik I2C is the best way. Due the long distance I intend to use AC power so each module must have next: minipower supply for LED strip, addresable circuit that cand read/decode I2C and, transistor base electronic swich for LED strip (I do not want tu use relays). If so please help with some addresable components and basic schematics. Else I'm open to any suggestions.

Bad news, sorry. I2c was designed to run over a few hundred millimetres, not a few hundred metres…


For this distance, think about RS485. Some example HERE: