I2c protocol

hello every one thanks for begin together.
sorry for my bad English...
i have an application using i2c protocol and want some help
my problem is to connect six sensors on Arduino and send data that received on another Arduino also that that received it from 4 Arduino each one have sensors like above and just one Arduino received the data from the other four if you can make the code please

search term: Arduino I2C network


You have four Ardduino UNOs -- UNO1 to UNO4; where, each Arduino is connected with I2C sensors. What are these sensor?

You have another Arduino UNO (the UNO5) which collects data from the above four UNOs. Correct? What will UNO5 do with these data?

After I have prepared the code to read a set of data and convert it to Char and all of them with a matrix to send it to another Arduino through the I2C protocol how can I read it individually and control it.

here is the code

I2c_master_code_to_send_values.ino (2.61 KB)

after i receive data from the 4 uno i will on some alert in uno5 witch coolect data and through buzzer during the read of the data
sensor i used temp,humidity,presser,some logic switch