i2c SDA/SCL lines reverse protection

here i posted an image of how im decided to design my own module (EEPROM) plugable.

its a slave with i2c, im planing to make it safe to reverse plugging, then a mistake make those lines SDA and SCL just reversed with same lines in master side however vcc and ground remains at the correct bias.
is it safe (no physical damage in both sides ,but error in communication is ok) for I2C to reverse wrongly connect SDA and SCL between slave and master?


Ops image;
I don't think you will have any problems with SDA and SCL conflicts as they are both open collector with pullup resistors.
I have had them interchanged and no damage done.

Tom... :slight_smile:

I like your thinking but there are such things as polarised plugs that cannot* be inserted the wrong way.

*Usually the application of sufficient violence will allow any plug to connect to any socket any way you like, but then you have bigger problems....

Another thought, if you add 2 more pins you could make it not care which way it was plugged in.

Suffice to say, no significant harm in swapping SDA and SCL.

What about 4 pin GND - Vcc - SCL - SDA configuration? AFAIK I2C EEPROMs does not have clock stretching ability and does not have protection diodes to Vcc so I believe this configuration should be safe in any SCL/SDA possible SDA/SCL configuration when reversed.