I2C sending data to DAC7311


I'm trying to send data to DAC converter "DAC7311" from arduino nano. DAC has three inputs: chip select, clock and data input and can be used with SPI or I2C.

I was trying to send some data via I2C, but arduino nano commands require to use slave address. DAC7311 has no address. It just have one 16-bit register, in wich you need to place all data (two power down bits 0 0, 12bits of data, and lastly two bits are dont care) it should look like this for example:


Please advice how can i send these 16 bits of data using arduoino nano I2C?

Piece of code that i used :

void loop() {
 digitalWrite(4, LOW);  // CS low


 digitalWrite(4, HIGH); // CS high

I have checked with scope, the clock was only 8 periods, not 16 as i need..And the data was nonsence, not "0011111111111111"

Nowhere in the data sheet does it mention I2C. I see only SPI type interfacing. From the datasheet, page 25.

The DACx311 has a 3-wire serial interface (SYNC, SCLK, and DIN) compatible with SPI, QSPI, and Microwire interface standards

Microwire is variant of SPI interface.

With SYNC being chip seiect (CS or SS), SCLK is SCK and DIN is MOSI.

Try it with SPI,

Thank you! It works with SPI :)