i2c serial device

Hi there !

little bit unshure how to handle :

Got a I2C device with Uart mimic .

Slave rX 0x60 Master Tx 0x62

Little bit unshure how to feth data from the device. No registers to access.


or wire . h ?

and in case of wire: how?

Serial.begin(115200);? Serial.read?

Working on an uno...no physical serials left, all ports in Use..

Use the wire.h library, something like (and its case sensitive):


void setup(){
void loop(){
Wire.transfer (command);
incomingByte = Wire.receive (address maybe? device specific);

Think that will be the necessary hint!


Wil give feedback tomorrow!

Click the command links here for the actual syntaxes http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/Wire