i2c servo driver chaining

I was checking out this awesome adafruit 16 channel servo driver
and to chain them I have to solder some jumpers to give each driver an adress, whatever that is.
Do I have to adress them when I connect other I2c devices too?

here’s the link:

All units connected to the I2C-bus need an unic addres.
YOUR units have small solder-pads. Use theese pads to make all units different

Your software can talk to one unit at a time.

I read more and discovered I need to "write down" the i2c adress in binary form. so for the first device, it will be 000000, second 000001, third 000010, and such. So if I want my servo driver to be ther first 12c device, i shouldn't solder any pads, right?

Yes. You won't have to do anything if you just use one board.
That is, if you don't have any other I2C devices on that I2C bus with the same address (unlikely).

Board address (without jumpers) is 0x40 (hex).
You can find that number in the example code.

Curious minds want to know. What are you doing with all the servos?

I’m planning to make a hexapod or something similar.

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