i2C SPI oh my logic converter destroys all sense of logic

Back to showcase my ignorance (AKA do some learning)...

Playing with mifare rc522 RFID reader and despite quite a bit of attempts at bridging my ignorance, I'm stuck on the labeling of this RFID shield.

I understand SPI by itself. I understand i2C by itself. The shield has the interface labeled


My challenge comes in trying to run all that through a logic level converter (to go from 3.3 to 5v) from sparkfun for SPI. The sparkfun page has a great hookup example for SPI https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/using-the-logic-level-converter/all but their example there uses a board that's labeled CS, and SDO. With the Pins I have i'm not clear on which is slave select and which is SDO. Also the Sparkfun example that showcases an SPI hookup doesn't even mention MISO and MOSI.

The more I read these pages and try to find a forum or article that bridges the gap in labeling the more I feel like I'm going around in circles.

The arduino code I have simply asks for: * MOSI: Pin 11 / ICSP-4 * MISO: Pin 12 / ICSP-1 * SCK: Pin 13 / ISCP-3 * SS: Pin 10 * RST: Pin 9

Can someone explain that in the pin labeling through here: https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/using-the-logic-level-converter/all and in to the pins labeled so: SDA, SCK, MOS, MIS, IRQ, GND, RST, 3.3v

The wikipedia article on SPI made clear that SDO (from sparkfun article) is an alias for MISO for slave devices. I'm at a total loss for Slave select and where to put it through the logic board.