I2C, SPI, UART communication application note

Hi All,

I am having Arduino UNO and trying to connect it with different sensor.

I am pretty new and want to know the basic operation of the communication protocols such as I2C, UART, SPI.

How it works, What are hardware requirements to connect it with micro controller...etc.

Kindly suggest any application note, reference document, technical note etc.. to understand the protocols.

Thanks in advance..

There's some information about the different protocols in the Sparkfun tutorials.

Here's the serial tutorial. Links to the SPI and I2C tutorials are on the bottom of that page.

I would also recomment these two articles:

I found the first one to be simple and clear. I still have to read the second one, but taking into account it’s written by the same author I don’t expect to be a bad article.

Hi All,

Thanks for the suggestion..