I2C via Bluetooth communication

Hi everyone,

I am quite new here and wanted to share my thoughts with you :)

After a couple of days of research i still dont know exactly whats the best way to solve my task.

First of all i want to explain you what i am trying to do. I have got 2 modules which communicate via I2C with each other. Now the point is that this 2 modules are, or should be, at least 10m away from each other. So the bus, or the data on the bus, must be transmitted wirelessly to the other side. A cable is no solution because the distance shall be increased in the future. The biggest amount of data at once are 1024bit. So the buffer length should be big enough to handle it or at least adjustable like it is with the arduino boards by changing the "HardwareSerial.cpp" file.

What i found so far:

If i got that right so far, all the Bluetooth modules whether the Arduino BT or the 2 expandable ones communicate via UART with the board. And all of them can also handle I2C bus.

How can i put my I2C data into one of these BT modules to make my 10m distant modules talk to each other like they were connected with an I2C bus (cable)?

Thanks for any helpful advice.

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This is a great idea, if you get this to work I want to use it in one of my projects. there are some obstacles though. standard Bluetooth only has a range of 10m with no interference(eg. wall or microwave). you said that you need the bt modules to be 10m apart, this might not work.