I2C with uno and pic

Hi there , I’m trying to let the uno communicate with the pic 18f2550 with I2C but it’s not working.
If anyone could help me this would be great.
I’ll post a picture of my code (uno and pic) and also one of my wires.

I don't know the pic, but if the "#use i2c" initializes it as I2C Slave, the i2c_scanner should see it. Can you run the i2c_scanner from the Arduino Playground, it should find the I2C address of the pic.

The scanner keeps scanning , scanning .... nothing more. If I disconnect the SDA en SCL pins and scan then it says : no device found.

If it scans normally without anything found, then there is no I2C slave connected. But when the sketch halts at Wire.endTransmission, then the SDA or SCL are shortcut to ground or shortcut to each other. I don't know if that is in the wires or the pic doing weird things.

probably the pic doing weird things cause programming a pic (with CCS compiler) is very complex. Thanks for the help (the scanner will be very usefull for this project). As for my problem , I think i need to rewrite the code for the pic (maybe I can get some help from the CCS forum).