i2cKeypad included but shows different in IDE window.

Still waiting on my 4x3 keypad to arrive from Spark Fun but got started on the code. I plan to use i2cKeypad.h and have both the .h and .cpp files in the lib folder. It shows up for import in the IDE however when included the font is different. The other included library names are in the funky orange but not i2cKeypad. Can't test it without the keypad but is this indicating a problem? The sketch compiles and what code there is runs properly. Does the color of the lib name mean anything?

The coloring of text in the IDE comes from a keywords.txt file that often comes included with a library. Look in another library to see the format. If the keywords are not colored then there is no keywords.txt file or the keywords are not defined in the file.

I see what you mean in the toneAC library. It includes a text document laying out the keyword for syntax coloring.

Thanks for the help.