iam need a<ADXL345.h>   <bmp180.h>   <HMC5883.h>   <ITG 3200.h> <MS561101BA.h>  

<ITG 3200.h>
I am
Needed libraries

Immediate help.

Presumably you're trying to compile some code you found with these dependencies. Ideally that code would be accompanied by some documentation that tells you where the dependencies may be found. That could be on the website you downloaded the code from, in a file accompanying the code, or a comment in the code. Did you look for this documentation?

Unfortunately in some cases the author doesn't bother to provide complete documentation. In this case you must go on a hunt for the dependencies. I'll typically just do a Google search for the file name and arduino. I usually start by limiting my search to GitHub (site:github.com) because most Arduino libraries are hosted there.

A problem you may encounter is that you will often find several search results. You can try to get a feel for which is the most popular and try that first. It's difficult because you want the specific library your code was written for.

I2Cdev is located here:

Note that repository contains a collection of libraries written for several platforms so you need to manually install the specific libraries you want. It looks like that repository also contains several other of the libraries you need.

EEPROM.h is likely already included with the hardware package of the board you're using. If it's not then almost certainly the board doesn't have EEPROM and you will not be able to just go download some random EEPROM library to make it work.

Immediate help.

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