Ibeacon Scanner using USR BLE 101 and Arduino Uno

Hi I am working on a project to make a ibeacon scanner. I dont want to use android or ios applications to detect the ibeacon details. I want it to be done on my arduino serial monitor. The bluetooth module I am using is USR BLE 101 and the board is Arduino Uno which is only scanning the beacons and giving out mac address and rssi values with normal AT commands. I am stuck at this point as I dont have much knowledge about coding. Please help me with retrieving the beacon data i.e UUID,major,minor values. Please help.

Hey, im working in a similar thing, but Im tried a lot of modules and the only one detecting Beacons is the HM-10 and have the limitation of 6 devices.

How is the USR BLE 101 ?

Is giving a max? detecting beacons? is giving effectively the RSSI and the UUID only scanning?


I saw that the Scan command is retuning the data that I need

AT+ SCAN Function: search for the slaves around Format: Inquiry present parameter: AT+SCAN{CR} {CR}{LF}No:num Addr:mac Rssi:size {CR}{LF}{CR}{LF}OK{CR}{LF} Parameter: num: slave’s reference number mac: slave’s MAC address size: slave’s signal strength

BUT... at the start of the doc I read that BLE 101 is only able to connect to another BLE 101, of the SAME branding, is not able to connect to another branding.

Would be able to find beacons from others branding?

Hi Sry I checked the post late. I was working with USR BLE 101 before HM10. And after working with it for more than a week, I asked the manufacturers if it can be used to scan the beacons around. They replied that "it can not be used to do so". Now that i have switched to HM10 i see that even this module has certain limitations that might affect any beacon scanning project. Regards Akash