IBus .ino for FlySky RC AFHDS 2A protocol

I am looking for the full arduino .ino file to flash and arduino (nano if suitable?) for use as a vario.
I found this very good thread from Petr here:

Wherein he provide some if not all of the information required. However, I am not arduino programming savvy enough to interpret the .ino file(s) included.
Do I edit his additional files into the OpenXsensor .ino?
Or is this not compatible with openXsensor?
Or do I assemble what he has already posted on that page?

Also, I found this GitHub page which I suspect might be what I require.

Does this (or can this) sketch relate to a vario application?

Apologies for the beginners questions.


OpenXsensor does not support the Flysky IBUS protocol.

The IBusBM library works well, and will enable you to create any sensor you want.

The trick is to find a standalone vario sketch that you can copy the vario specific routines from (Calculating vertical speed and altitude) .

  1. initialize and then read from your pressure sensor
  2. calculate the altitude and vertical speed and feed that to IBUS.

Yes Hans, and all that is beyond my skills and experience.
I might have to go back to building one of your "Poor Mans Varios".

Thanks for the reply.


Now that was a response I never expected. LOL.
I think building the PMV will not disappoint you. I'm stil using it, even having a OpenTX transmitter for many years.

Maybe have a look at this

I have built one and it is commission. It is good!
However, I have the noisy RF Tx/Rx. You did suggest a less noisy one, but I cannot find the mention of it in the thread. Translating to English is page by page.
Can you tell me which one is the best please?


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