IC AD694

anyone in connection with the IC AD694 have information
I would like to make the temperature sensor output LM335 to strengthen my friends information in this regard ?

This should be a beginning.. 269000 search results in .41 seconds...

Mr Google is your friend.


I am just wondering how a fairly obscure and old constant current source IC could be useful in a LM335 circuit. Any ideas?

“I don’t think that IC does what you think it does.”

It is an accurate, albeit old part that is cheap Data sheet attached… It does require as noted in the data sheet require some accurate, Low Tempco 12% or better resistors but IIRC with a simple 3 point calibration capable of ~2 - 3% accuracy and can be trimmed to 1 - 1.5%…


LM335.pdf (830 KB)

But what could the AD694 possibly be used for in an LM335 circuit?