IC Hex Inverter--others possible?

Is it possible to use a different IC Hex Inverter than the SN7404 listed on the parts list? I was trying to get a free sample from the Texas Instruments site (they are the listed manufacturer when I looked up the p/n in digikey), but it seems that they don't have samples of this particular part. There are a lot of similar parts on http://focus.ti.com/docs/prod/folders/print/sn7404.html including an SN7404D, SN7404DR, etc. Would any of those work instead? They are all available to get free as samples.

thanks, Cory cf831 [AT} NYU d0t edu

In theory any TTL inverter should work, even HC and HCT parts.

the D and DR parts you mention are surface mount devices... it will be hard to use them in a breadboard..