IC W5100 on my LAN Ethernet Shield feels HOT!

I am connecting my Arduino LAN Shield with Arduino Mega 2560 Rev 2 by wiring First, I wire the ICSP (6 pins) according to the basic position Second, I wire from Mega to Eth: pin 52 to pin 13, pin 50 to pin 12, pin 51 to pin 11, pin 53 to pin 10.

Then I power the Arduino using USB cable. Then I touch the IC W5100 on Eth Shield in 5 sec then it feels very hot

Is there any wrong wiring? or shortage circuit?

I guess not because when I touch IC AtMega 2560 on Arduino Mega, it is not hot at all.

What's the problem here? Or I just too worry?

Thank you so much!

W5100s run pretty warm. The one on my Ethernet shield seems a little hotter than the one on a WIZ811MJ module. Not sure why that would be, but I could be wrong, I'm just using the finger test :D Anyway, it's hot enough to be uncomfortable after several seconds.

Is there any mistake in my connection?

See http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoEthernetShield:

Arduino communicates with both the W5100 and SD card using the SPI bus (through the ICSP header). This is on digital pins 11, 12, and 13 on the Duemilanove and pins 50, 51, and 52 on the Mega. On both boards, pin 10 is used to select the W5100 and pin 4 for the SD card. These pins cannot be used for general i/o. On the Mega, the hardware SS pin, 53, is not used to select either the W5100 or the SD card, but it must be kept as an output or the SPI interface won't work.

Note that because the W5100 and SD card share the SPI bus, only one can be active at a time. If you are using both peripherals in your program, this should be taken care of by the corresponding libraries. If you're not using one of the peripherals in your program, however, you'll need to explicitly deselect it. To do this with the SD card, set pin 4 as an output and write a high to it. For the W5100, set digital pin 10 as a high output.

Your wiring would seem different:

Second, I wire from Mega to Eth: pin 52 to pin 13, pin 50 to pin 12, pin 51 to pin 11, pin 53 to pin 10.

I've always just plugged my Ethernet shield into the Arduino, but wiring both the ICSP connector and the pins listed above would seem to be redundant.

Then what wiring you suggest me to connect between Mega and Eth Shield?