Hi all I hope this is the proper sun forum .

My question is :

Do In circuit Emmulators and In Circuit Debuggers come with a accompanying software or they are used through the C/C++ IDE ?

Thanks Elico

Which emulators/debuggers?

I suggest debugging the "old fashioned" way, with debugging print statements.

It is pretty much up to the IDE to interface to the ICD/ICE. For instance, all of the Atmel debuggers are supported by "AVR Studio" (Atmel's IDE), but there is also a wedge to talk to at least some of the tools from gnu's gdb debuggers (or presumably, any tool that can use the gdb remote debugger interface.) (http://avarice.sourceforge.net/ ) It's somewhat dependent on how well documented the hardware is.

The Arduino IDE doesn't support any debuggers.

Many thanks