iCloud Activation Lock Arduino Bypass

I have an iPhone 8 which is iCloud locked and i have the option to unlock with passcode. I do not know the passcode but i want to use an arduino as a keyboard automatically entering all possible 4 digit codes and was wondering how i would start.

Unless it’s been setup with the default six digit code length…?

The iPhone has a 4-digit "function restriction passcode" that is different from the usual 6-digit one.
This passcode allows up to 5 typos.
If you fail the 6th time, it will take 1 minute to re-enter.
If you fail the 7th time, it will take 5 minutes to re-enter.
If you fail the 8th time, it will take 15 minutes to re-enter.
If you fail the 9th time, it will take 60 minutes to re-enter each time after that.
This will not be reset until you enter the correct passcode.
This means that it takes 21 minutes to enter 0000 to 0009 and up to 416 days to enter the passcode from 0010 to 9999. :roll_eyes:

However, there is still the possibility that the OP will accept it. :wink:

Yeah, worth trying for a free found’ phone ?


Thanks for the replies.
It is a 4 digit pin and it has no restrictions because it is not on the lock screen. It can be entered as many times as needed. The only problem that I see with brute forcing it is then message that pops up when get it incorrect as I would have to close it each time it gets the code wrong.

Use itunes to do a factory restore. Note that if the phone has an activation lock tied to an apple account only apple can do anything to bypass that, provided you can prove legal ownership.

I have found out how to do it. I connected a vibrate motor from a ps3 controller to a USB for power. I made a mount that connected the motor to the click button of a mouse to make a physical auto clicker mouse. Then I got a Chinese BadUSB and used the 4 digit cracker payload to crack the code. After that, I got into the device. The mouse was to automatically close the message after each wrong attempt and then the BadUSB to enter the code. I tested this with my iPhone 6 I have now and it took around 10 mins to crack the code of 2007. I also had trouble connecting the mouse as I did not have assistive touch on but then with a quick search on the internet i connected it.

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