ICM-20601 Accelerometer issue on X-Axis

I have an issue with the ICM-20601. When trying to read out the accel the X-axis is always a very high number that is not changing. I tried multiple sensors but with no luck. Is there some kind of configuration that disables one axis of the accel or am I doing something wrong when reading it out?

uint8_t commandaccread = REG_ACCEL_XOUT_H | 0x80;
HAL_SPI_Transmit(&hspi1, &commandaccread, 1, IMU20601_SPI_TIMEOUT);
HAL_SPI_Receive(&hspi1, bufferAcc, 6, IMU20601_SPI_TIMEOUT);
acceleration[0] = (bufferAcc[0] << 8) + bufferAcc[1];
acceleration[1] = (bufferAcc[2] << 8) + bufferAcc[3];
acceleration[2] = (bufferAcc[4] << 8) + bufferAcc[5];

Over USB I read out the following values:

[DBG] RAW Gx: 54, Gy:27, Gz:4; Ax: 32767, Ay:-839, Az:485; t: 1442171
[DBG] RAW Gx: 32, Gy:27, Gz:-13; Ax: 32767, Ay:-840, Az:488; t: 1442181
[DBG] RAW Gx: 31, Gy:-3, Gz:52; Ax: 32767, Ay:-840, Az:486; t: 1442191
[DBG] RAW Gx: 2, Gy:-14, Gz:-45; Ax: 32767, Ay:-837, Az:485; t: 1442201
[DBG] RAW Gx: 9, Gy:-12, Gz:8; Ax: 32767, Ay:-836, Az:481; t: 1442211
[DBG] RAW Gx: 4, Gy:14, Gz:-46; Ax: 32767, Ay:-839, Az:485; t: 1442221
[DBG] RAW Gx: 4, Gy:-26, Gz:82; Ax: 32767, Ay:-842, Az:486; t: 1442231

As you can see the x axis on the accel is not changing and is very high. Any suggestions?`