Icom 2800H Artificial Display - HAM RADIO

Hello to all .

I was wondering if any of you here on the forum have tinkered around with this icom 2800H vhf/uhf radio .As most of you radio hams out there know that this specific radio has a problem with its display .I have one unit which i got from a friend about a year ago without the display and is currently just a paper weight .I would really like to use it even if it ends up being something more in the line of a SDRadio.I have noticed some icom units interfaced with arduinos & PCS via rs232 and few other protocols .As i understand it there is a hitachi controller (H8 FAMILY ) in the display that sends messages to the upc inside the radio via the tx/rx serial data lines basically telling the controller which button you pressed and so one and the main controller forwarding the freq and few other details back to the "display controller " With you clever guys out there is there no way to interface this unit to a arduino or pc so that one can actually use it .I noticed on another forum that one member tried to telnet into this radio with no joy.As i dont have a scope to actually see whats happening on that coms line .I have also bumped into a REALTERM-serial client to see if i can get to talk to the radio and get some response from it .Anyone out there have any experiences with this radio and possible hack /modification ideas ?

Refrences : Icom 706 display and radio-remote site http://sk3w.se/sm7lcb/remote/part_icom_706/lcb_ic-706_remote.pdf Icom pcr 1000 + arduino lcd displayhttp://ve2cuy.wordpress.com/arduino/ Icom 2800h service manual http://www.ko4bb.com/Manuals/ICOM/IC-2800H_Service_Manual.pdf

Thanks in advance zs6sam

The radio can be remotely controlled via DTMF and the optional module, UT-49. http://www.geekthing.com/~robf/ham/ic2800h-ut49.html

Replicating the UT-49 functionality should be possible with a uC and some hardware.

Additionally http://vss.pl/mods.dk/mods.php3-radio=icom&model=ic-2800&selectid=all.htm

The trick, IMO, would be to find a Ham with a UT-49 in an effort to reverse engineer the device.

Hi Ray

Thanks for the tips on the module. It would be great to use it in a way, just a pitty on getting a arduino to simulate the original lcd and buttons.

Any else tinkered with the serial data line betwean the display and " radio "

I will follow up more on that module Ray, thanks

Interesting project. I am presently working on something similar for use on the yaesu FT290 series of rigs which had a similar failure fault with their displays. The 290 uses an awful 3 by 3 matrixed display driven by a texas/matsushita device. As Yaesu won't give any info on their system it's a ground zero upwards struggle. If I make it work I'll post it on the forum.


It would be nice to see what you have put together already give me a shout if you around :slight_smile:

Hi Sam-cqdx. At the moment the FT290 project is on the back burner as I'm sucked in by almost constantly updating and adding functions to my UNO + DDS module VFO. Like always it's working fine but there's that "just one more modification" stage to get through and, of course you never do. HI. I'm presently playing about with writing a programmable offset for the IF/split and storing it in eeprom and allowing the offset to be displayed on the lower line of my 16*4 display when a check button is pushed. The rest of the display shows operating frequency, frequency change step rate, TX/RX/Inhibited, battery voltage and there's still room for some other data to go on.

I do intend to follow up on the '290 problem but I suspect that it will end up with the rig having either major modifications or an add-on display driven my a nano or a mini. Time will tell.

Hi Masterice

Its wonderful to see what you have put together yes well the display and a added controller would be ok ,maybe a mega 2560 controller and a 128x 64 lcd would do the trick ? No worries i know projects sometimes can be longer than expected...

Keep me up to date ,anything you have diagrams whatever it is ..i could even do some testing if needed " hehe"

Chat soon Have a good thursday