ICOM 2800H -Artificial display / SDR- arduino mod **HAM RADIO**

Hello to all .

I was wondering if any of you here on the forum have tinkered around with this icom 2800H vhf/uhf radio .As most of you radio hams out there know that this specific radio has a problem with its display .I have one unit which i got from a friend about a year ago without the display and is currently just a paper weight .I would really like to use it even if it ends up being something more in the line of a SDRadio.I have noticed some icom units interfaced with arduinos & PCS via rs232 and few other protocols .As i understand it there is a hitachi controller (H8 FAMILY ) in the display that sends messages to the upc inside the radio via the tx/rx serial data lines basically telling the controller which button you pressed and so one and the main controller forwarding the freq and few other details back to the "display controller " With you clever guys out there is there no way to interface this unit to a arduino or pc so that one can actually use it .I noticed on another forum that one member tried to telnet into this radio with no joy.As i dont have a scope to actually see whats happening on that coms line .I have also bumped into a REALTERM-serial client to see if i can get to talk to the radio and get some response from it .Anyone out there have any experiences with this radio and possible hack /modification ideas ?

Refrences : Icom 706 display and radio-remote site http://sk3w.se/sm7lcb/remote/part_icom_706/lcb_ic-706_remote.pdf Icom pcr 1000 + arduino lcd displayhttp://ve2cuy.wordpress.com/arduino/ Icom 2800h service manual http://www.ko4bb.com/Manuals/ICOM/IC-2800H_Service_Manual.pdf

Thanks in advance zs6sam

page “10-1” [ko4bb.com]
There’s a color graphics lcd controller (ic8),
a tft lcd interface (ic6),
a tft controller (ic1, 7),
a tft color lcd
I think that it runs like a TV (“ntsc/pal video chroma”, ic16) really.
It accepts external video source (J4)?

The cpu (ic10) has 19 address lines (a0-a18)
and 7 data lines (d0-d7) going into that IC8

It’s interesting the front panel buttons - (8) pull resistors down to ground, 4 buttons to one input and 4 into another; must be doing like an analogRead (!!) there.

There’s a rotary encoder for “vdial”

It’s possible that, if you know how the menus go that you could pop the buttons to achieve, along with an external freq meter, some functionality, but trying to pick out the address and data to find the current FREQ data alone would be difficult… very, very difficult.