IComSat V1.1 (sim900)+ Arduino Uno V3 = AttachGPRS problem

Hello guys,

For an academic project, we bought an IComSat that we connected in UART mode with an Arduino UNO V3. The assembly is supplied with 7V/1A, we didn't change anything within configuration file (GSM.cpp ) : TXPIN is 2 whereas RXPIN is 3.

We successfully loaded sendSMS and MakeVoiceCall example, so we don't any problem to unlock the sim card using the PIN.

The main issue is the following : when attempting to attached a GPRS network (in our case, Free Mobile), we do not succeed in "catching" the APN : gsm.attachGPRS("Free","","") -> doesn't work

We tried to modify the syntax, but now we sure that there isn't other way to do this (we use APN settings given by the operator).

Do you have an idea ? Do we need to modify some config files ?

Hoping that someone can help us !

Anyone ? The project has to be sent in few days :~

Post your code.