ICSP programming board error

I made my first arduino board using a TQFP atmega328p-au. The problem is that I cannot see to program it using my ISP. I tried using another arduino as a ISP and then a ISPtiny usb but niether of them can connect to the atmega chip to flash a bootloader. What I am doing wrong? The board is supposed to drive two chains of WS2812B LEDs (only one chain at a time). When I try to flash it says that it can’t ground the reset pin. If anyone could give me some advice that would be really useful.

After brief look, I am seeing the problem with capacitors on crystal pins. The value is too high it should be ~20pF. It cannot oscilate with 0.1uF. See the datasheet for details.
Keep the circuit as simple as is possible at first to test ICSP.