I'd like to stop displaying my email address.

In this forum, I'd like to stop displaying my email address.
How do I it?

Where do you think you're displaying your email address?


Just now,I’ve thought that Only I see my email address,when I sign in to this forum.
(As an attached image.)

So,My email address is not displayed to everyone.

Am I correct?

In the other words, You can’t see my email address in this forum.

Best regards

koko(means here).png

OP’s image

To put your mind at ease, I do not see an email icon above your karma.

Am I correct?

Yes, you’re correct. Regular forum users can’t see the email icon or your IP address. The “Logged” link just goes to a page that says the IP was logged but is only shown to the user and moderators.


Thank you.
I was relieved.