IDC connectors / wire diameter

Hi everyone,

I am making a custom shield for arduino. I will use IDC connectors to link sensors to the arduino shield. Those connectors are typically mounted on flat 28 AWG cable. I would like to use it with 24AWG round cable. Most of the datasheets for those connectors just claim '28 AWG', but does anyone has experience in using it with finer (24 AWG) wires ? Has the connector some kind of tolerancy that would allow it to work with 24 AWG wire in real world ?

One kind of connectors i will use



An IDC connector is designed for flat cable, trying to hand wire a round cable to it would be difficult and the result likely to give lots of shorts between the pins as soon as the cable is moved.

For round cable in a small space, probably look at the 0.1" Molex conenctors, these can be hand wired.

In AWG, the wire gets smaller when the numbers get bigger. 24AWG is thicker than 28AWG. Not by much, and maybe not enough to be a problem for an IDC connector.

I've certainly considered trying to hold 10 wires parallel and clamp down an IDC, but I've never tried it. I get my "round" cable as ribbon cable wrapped in a round sheath.

An IDC connector meant for ribbon cable is pretty unforgiving. Since this is a standard "D" connector, there are plenty that accept either crimp-on terminals or solder cups for soldering on wires.