IDE 1.0 common problems and fixes..

Id like to get/make a list of changes noobs/beginners like myself should maybe know before fully jumping into using IDE 1.0 only..

I still use IDE v23 so I can use most tutorials and burn bootloaders.. passive/pass-through FTDI devie to upload sketches to other 'chips/projects/custom boards'....etc..

Problem 1.) most older projects/librarys will not work/compile in IDE 1.0

(mostly due to :WProgram.h & Wire.h errors??.. (majority))

adding this may help:

#if defined(ARDUINO) && ARDUINO >= 100
  #include "Arduino.h"
  #include "WProgram.h"

Is this a project (sketch) level fix? or is this a library level fix?

--> thread:,82441.0.html

Solutions: a.) if there way to have both libs there? b.) if there only a sketch level fix c.) is there an easy fix/line (code) to add to older libs to make them IDE 1.0 compatible?

Problem 2.) I dont recall exactly.. but I dont think you cant burn bootloaders using IDE 1.0? something about a delay problem? (I vaguely remember reading it)

Solutions: a.) thought I read about people editing a file to remove this delay or alter it? or altering the bootloader stuff?

I know some of this stuff may be easy or common for more experienced members..but would be nice to get a nice centralized list or the commons problems when migrating to IDE 1.0 and the fixes that can be applied relatively easy..

anybody have any others to add? threads or articles they have read about some of the basic changes and fixes that occur in IDE1.0?

Thanks! :)