IDE 1.0.x and 1.5.x on same windows 8 machine?

I currently have the 1.5.8. IDE up and running on my windows 8 machine and would like to add the 1.0.6 IDE so I can program an ATTiny88 using the Attiny core from GitHub - TCWORLD/ATTinyCore: ATTiny Core for Arduino 1.0+ which apparently only works on the 1.0.x IDE ( I did install that on my windows 7 portable that has the 1.0.5 IDE and it woks just fine--but that computer is not always handy for me to use.

The problem is that when I download the 1.0.6 IDE, on my desktop Windows 8 machine, and try to install it a pop up window appears and says that I MUST un-install the 1.5.8 IDE first. I do not want to do this for a number of reasons.

Any solution available?

Thanks in advance

David G.

Turns out that if you install 1.0.6 from a .zip file it will work just fine with 1.5.8 already installed!!


David G.